Jan 27, 2022

Worse then Toxic Black Mold!

Worse than Toxic Black Mold!

Many people have heard about toxic black mold and are concerned.  There is some reason to take note of this.  However, there is an item that is Worse than toxic black mold.  What is it?  It is the dangerous bacteria and pathogens that grow after a leak or water intrusion occurs in the home.

Most people are not cognizant of this.  It is important to be aware that bacteria start to grow within 3-5 days after getting a water source, such as a leak or water intruding into the home from rain and the like.  This is known in the industry as category 2 water or grey water due to the bacteria growth. It is also considered a Health Hazard per the CDC.  After just about 2 more days the bacteria growth is more acute and dangerous.  At this point this is known as category 3 or black water due to more dangerous and acute bacteria growth along with disease causing pathogens.  This is considered even more of a Health Hazard, as a result.

The reasons should be obvious as to the Hazards of this situation as it will get you sicker quicker and in the extreme case kill you faster than black toxic mold.  Mold affects a person Usually over a period of time such as months or even longer.  This does, of course, depend on the person’s immune system and it can be different for everyone exposed.  Where dangerous bacteria act on your system in a short period of time such a hours or days, again, depending on a person’s immune system and other factors.

The above information is presented to help people be aware of the dangers and to attend to leaks and other water intrusion issues promptly so as not to let your home develop into a dangerous place to live.  It is always recommended to consult your doctor about any potential health affects and concerns from these types of situations.

Steve Mullins (i.e. mold detector)
CMC (Certified Microbial Consultant) #2008028
Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

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