Dec 9, 2016

Why a Pre-sale Mold and Moisture Inspection?

Quite simply so you won’t get stuck with pre-existing mold conditions which can affect your health and that of your family. Not to mention the expense involved in remediating the mold and the cost of repairs.  A case in point that occurred in 2013: A father had purchased a condominium for his daughter while she went to school in the local area. A due diligence home inspection was performed before actual purchase to insure the property was up to code and had no problems. After the daughter had moved in she started having health problems one of which was her hair falling out among other things. She complained to her father and I subsequently went into evaluate the conditions. I was given the home inspection report and read the home inspector found evidence of moisture under the kitchen sink at the bottom shelf of the cabinets of about 22% or more. However, no recommendations were made about this. Normally a home inspector, because of not being trained or certified in mold remediation and water damage, will or should recommend a Mold Professional to come and evaluate the situation.

​Interestingly in this case no such recommendation was made and apparently down played or minimized the moisture found. It appeared also that there was a personal relationship between the real estate agent who was helping sell the property and the home inspector which appears to have played a part in this.

Fast forward: A mold remediation had to be performed, which is the industry jargon for saying the mold had to be cleaned up and repairs made. The total bill was about $25k after all was said and done. Besides the kitchen a leaking shower valve in one bathroom and leaking toilet affected other areas of the home.

This is an example of why a Due Diligence Mold and Moisture Inspection should be done during the sale process. This can protect not only the buyer but the seller as well.

​Please check back next week for more informative and educational information about Mold and facts relating to it.

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