Mar 22, 2024

What’s the difference between Great Mold Inspector and an Average one?

That can depend on how you define either of them. Certainly, knowledge and skill plays an important role along with training, experience and Certifications. These aforementioned traits are all important. But one additional characteristic will set an Inspector apart from the others.

Caring about your client and caring about what you do. These are inward motivations that drive an average inspector to be great because of his caring attitude toward his/her clients. The desire to help people with the professionalism one has attained can make all the difference in helping others, especially those experiencing difficulties in various mold situations.

Whether the client is a homeowner or renter being advised as to the best course of action to help safeguard your health in a dangerous mold situation can literally be life-saving. That is not an exaggeration. Many times, I have inspected a home and have advised clients to leave that home as quickly as possible due to the health risks associated with mold being present in their home.

It can take some effort to find that kind of inspector. But would you not say ‘it is worth it’?

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