Nov 14, 2019

To Open or Not to Open…..

OK folks. It has been a good while since I posted, mainly because I have been busy with other stuff. I want to at least give people a good warning on a particular point.


If you are concerned there may be mold behind wet walls or ceilings don’t worry, there IS. It is a scientific biological fact that if there is moisture there will be mold whether you see it or not.

The reason is that mold starts to grow about 24 hours after getting a water source. And the longer the moisture has been there the more mold will grow. In the case of wet walls most of the mold is likely inside the wall where you may not see it. But the mold will still grow on the outside of it at some point.

Some people will want to cut open the drywall or have someone else do it to see if they can see mold. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! If this is done then you will release the accumulated mold spores from inside the wall or ceiling and you will not see them and expose your family to this. Not a good idea.

There is also bacteria that is present due to the moisture being there for a good many days or longer. That is a health hazard per the CDC. I’m purposely trying not to get technical. But please be aware of this.

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