Mar 2, 2023

Take Notice of Potential Issues

Just came from an inspection where the owner admitted she had seen some moisture or dripping under bathroom vanity a while back. Not sure when.  She failed to do anything about it until I was called to evaluate.

The moisture had grown significant visible mold under the vanity sink and affected 3 other adjacent rooms, as a result.  The areas now need a remediation to remove the mold and bacteria that have grown and will cost some $15- 20k to do the needed work.  At the same time there is no home owner’s insurance to cover any of this cost.  Of course, the claim would likely not be accepted once it was seen how obvious it was and was ignored by the owner.

Fortunately, her health was not yet affected, though, it should have been.

So, keep watch about what may seemingly be ‘little’ things like drips around the home that can cost you in money and time.


Steve  Mullins (i.e. Mold Detector)

CMC, Certified Microbial Consultant

Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

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