May 28, 2019

Senate Bill 655

Mold in CA Senate Bill 655
Or CA SB 655 went into effect January 2016.

​A person can contact the Fair Housing Foundation in California. They can assist if there is a moisture or mold issue in the home. By law in CA a landlord has to maintain the property free of dampness and mold per the CA SB 655 that went into effect about 3 years ago. Of course this refers to items that are their responsibility and not the tenants. If the landlord tries to force a person to move due to this type of event, that is viewed as ‘retaliation’ and basically can nullify any vacate notice. The landlord is obligated to fix a problem that is their responsibility.

An example of what is not the landlord’s responsibility is: a tenant fails to clean the tub for a period of time (say a month) and mold starts growing as a result. This is not the landlord’s responsibility.

Say on the other hand one notices what appears to be visible mold growing on the drywall under a sink or mushrooms growing out of the wall due to moisture or water having leaked into the wall, this would be the landlord’s responsibility.

If a person wants to confirm that there may be a moisture/mold issue then a company like mine can be hired to inspect (and take samples if needed). If the inspection reveals the issue is the landlord’s responsibility then the tenant (by law) can get credited the expense of the inspection and sampling as the tenant is allowed to ‘repair and deduct’ twice per year if the landlord fails to take action.

Since this type of event is a ‘health issue’ you have every right to hire an inspector for mold/moisture issues without the landlord’s permission or consultation. 
Contact me for further information if needed.

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