Apr 27, 2020

SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) – Moisture and Mold Detection Inc

Many people have heard of this or something like it. What about BRS (Building related symptoms)? And there are a couple more anacronyms out there like these. What can this mean for you, the Resident or owner?

As BRS indicates above has to do with people experiencing 
Adverse Health Symptoms from being in certain buildings due to some type of ‘microbial growth’ (this can be mold, mycotoxins and/or bacteria) that may be hard to detect or find the cause of. SBS has to do with the building that has conditions that can cause BRS. BRS can also apply to VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) as well as even chemicals.

People who experience adverse health symptoms (such as difficulty breathing usually with asthma, brain fog, not feeling well and much more) while being in these buildings start feeling better once they leave that particular building. Then when they come back the symptoms start over again. This can also apply to a person’s home.

How do you find out if you live in a home that causes BRS (building related symptoms)? The first obvious item is to notice if you ‘feel less well’ every time you go into your home, especially with all the windows closed. This should contrast with every time you leave your home you ‘feel better’. If you feel this may be the case then consider hiring a professional IEP (indoor environmental professional) such as a 
CMC or Certified Microbial Consultant to design and perform an inspection that would include appropriate ‘mold testing or sampling’ and even bacteria testing if deemed necessary.

This Inspection would basically include looking for active or potential moisture issues in and around the home that would or are creating conditions that lead to bacteria and mold growth. If moisture is found by the Consultant there will be mold and bacteria growth even if you don’t see it. This is a scientific biological fact. These conditions can cause a host of Adverse Health Symptoms. Once any of these conditions is found then corrections can be made to bring your home back to a ‘Healthy Environment’ by following the recommendations given by the CMC. Call to find out more for your situation.

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