After months of my wife becoming increasingly sick from respiratory issues, we suspected mold given that our older home had had some previous water leaks that had been repaired. My wife had escalating challenges with breathing, and saw our GP, an internist, an allergist, and eventually a pulmonologist, all with minimal gain and an ever-increasing list of medications and inhalers. When she stopped being able to carry on her normal day due to breathing challenges, we contacted Steve out of desperation.

Steve came immediately, explained that he doesn’t do remediation, just testing and discovery which allows him to act as an independent non-biased resource. At first, I was thinking this process would be too slow as he only does the testing but decided to move forward. What Steve discovered throughout our home was troubling and presented a very daunting task to remediate the issue in several areas.

What Steve brought is a compendium of knowledge that is frankly amazing. He helped us to choose a remediation company, and ensured they understood the problem thoroughly and could truly fix the issue. All that was done, and my wife immediately started to improve in her health. What Steve doesn’t seem to get credit for is his level of expertise. I battled with my homeowners insurance through multiple rounds over 6 months of hurdles and challenges where they would offer some small amount, less deductible, and offer it as a final settlement. My frustration with the process and the time it took me away from managing my business led me to the decision to cut my losses and just accept the latest check and say enough!

Steve said several times to me, “wait – one more letter”. One more letter became several and at every turn the insurance company got nastier and more threatening. His knowledge of not only the moisture and mold problem, but his expertise on mold, how it works, how it affects people, and most important the laws in place, and the responsibilities of the insurance companies were critical. I am pleased to say that I am now in receipt of a fifth check from my insurance company for five times their original payment that will cover all the repairs and get my wife and my house healthy again.

Steve is the guy you want in your corner of you have this sort of issue. Period.

Jake ★★★★★

I have nothing but positive things to say about Steve and my experience. He is so knowledgeable and gave us a very thorough explanation of what he found during his inspection. I have never dealt with a mold problem before so I had a lot of …read more

Cory Pollack ★★★★★

I called to inquire about Steve’s mold inspection services, because of how my apartment company was fixing a mold issue was incorrect and hazardous. Based on the photos I sent of the shotty work that was in progress and halted by me he made…read more

CDC ★★★★★

Above and beyond excellent report done on our apartment, allowing us to get out of a water damaged unit that wasn't properly repaired. There is still moisture and since moving in here I've been having all kinds of symptoms. A professional …read more

Tiffany ★★★★★

If you have any doubts, I highly recommend Steve for any inspections you may need. He is highly informative and presents his responses in a manner which is understandable and follows through w/ the best course of action for your situation. …read more

Michael Gibson ★★★★★

Very knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommend using this service if you have mold issues.

Gavin Kassel ★★★★★

Great service, and very professional. Hope I never need to use your services again, but if I do need mold testing again I know who I'm calling. Thanks for fitting me in for same day service!

Jason Lewis ★★★★★

Steve is professional and thorough. He set proper expectations and followed through on every step with flying colors. His reports were back to us in less than 2 days and they provided all the information we needed for important next steps…read more

Kate Herrick ★★★★★

Steve was prompt to get us on his schedule. He spent his time ensuring the inspection was thorough and addressed all our concerns. He took the time to answer our questions and returned his inspection report and lab results within a very …read more

Michelle Alexander ★★★★★

They found and helped resolve issues with a water leak and its damage that we didn't catch during our initial inspection.

Jackie ★★★★★

Steve is incredible! He came through for us when we really needed him. We bought our new home and discovered extensive mold and water damage that had not be disclosed. We could not move in. I didn't know where to turn and found Steve. He …read more

Jackie Millhouse ★★★★★

Steve was very professional, honest and an obvious expert in the field of mold and water damage. He was prompt, courteous and neat when inspecting my home.

Daniel Ellis ★★★★★

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