Mar 4, 2017

Rain in Southern California…2 months+

All of us in the area have experienced a lot of rain for over the last 2 months which the area desperately needs. As a matter of course the rain has helped to manifest problems with housing mostly because of the more than average amount of rainfall and at times the intensity of it during this period.

​As a result many water damage restoration or water mitigation companies have received a fair amount of business for which they are grateful. Many times the insurance will pay for the resulting damages and sometimes not. In any case it is important for property owners, and even renters, to be diligent about maintaining their homes looking for any signs of potential moisture intrusion to the home.

​If you even suspect there may be a leak of some sort (i.e. roof, plumbing, windows, etc.) then have at least that area or the entire home inspected for any potential problem. Sometimes the occupant can do a lot themselves in trying to ascertain if potential water intrusion or damage is in the works. However, it is good to get an experienced professional in the industry to check out your house just to make sure. Of course, that is the primary thing I do with my Company.

​Yes, it may cost a dollar to do the inspection but it can potentially save you money in the short and even long term.  To put it simply in one scenario:  if you have a leaky window that you notice but don’t address it right away then mold will start to grow within about 24 hours and the longer the area is wet the more mold will grow and the more money it will cost to fix the problem. Some of you may remember the commercial from years (I mean decades) ago about changing your car’s oil regularly. It basically said ‘you can pay me now or pay me later’. Either way we have to pay to maintain our vehicles to keep them from breaking down or more after they break down. It is very similar with our homes except there is a potential health risk with the growth of mold.

​So please do your ‘due diligence’ and protect your home and families and have an inspection done for Potential Moisture and Mold Issues.

That is not the end of it:​ If any issues are found, such as ‘wet’ areas, these need to be addressed promptly by those trained to do it. Remember not just any contractor or handyman can do that because of not having specific water damage or mold remediation training. When you hire someone who has not been trained, or certified to do that type of work they realistically will create other problems and make the situation worse. Feel free to send me a question through the contact page or email [email protected].

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