Mar 28, 2024

Property Management Companies Know they have a Mold problem!

In conversing with a recent client he was looking for a new rental unit to move to as the one he was living in was deemed Uninhabitable during a Mold Inspection I had performed on his unit. He learned to use a moisture meter to check out potential rental properties as these were shown to him.

On the last one he was being shown he took out his moisture meter and the management agent showing him the property ‘freaked out’ and stopped the showing since he was picking up elevated moisture.

This is just one example showing that property owners and property management companies are generally very aware of potential Mold Problems in units they rent. They apparently think it is better to hide it, not report it to the prospective tenants (as required by law) and not spend the money to fix the issue correctly.

Now some of this is due to ignorance on the part of owners or management companies as far as how to address some of the potential mold issues. But much of it is not. So beware and scrutinize property showings you attend.

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