Sep 10, 2018

Part I-The Leak and the Landlord

Starting on April 7, 2018 a leak occurred in the wall between a garage and the kitchen at the hot water heater stand with the air handler/furnace were also located. The leak was fixed by the landlord just 2 days after being noticed by the tenant. However, the landlord left the area soaking wet. This is significant in that the uniform housing code says the property (rental in this case) must be maintained free of dampness and mold. Of course, dampness leads to mold growth and bacteria growth when not attended to promptly. The owner did not want to spend money or bring in a professional to dry the area as needed. The tenant dried the area with equipment on hand but the leak had possibly been going on for some 2 to 4 weeks by the time it was noticed due to the fact that the area experienced rain for several weeks which disguised the leak. It took about 7 days for the area to dry. A 2nd leak occurred in the same area about 3 weeks later on April 28.

Same thing happened again; the leak was repaired but the area was left soaking wet again. This time it took about 5 days to dry now that the weather was a little warmer.

But then some 7 weeks later on June 22nd the tenant was asked to vacate the property with a 60 day notice. Under normal circumstances this can be considered normal.

Next time I will talk about why this particular notice was not considered normal or legal.

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