Jun 17, 2024

Other Landlord Tactics

It seems that unscrupulous landlords will use many tactics to keep from having to pay to repair mold issues in their rental properties. Many times when you report a mold issue to them they will try to give reasons for this and may try to blame you the renter for causing the issue. If they can make you feel or at least think they can charge you for the ‘alleged issue’ then they hope you will be quiet about it or just decide to leave.
Clients have reported to me how the landlord via an inspector or maintenance person have ‘gathered evidence’ showing the tenant is supposedly at fault. Don’t fall for this! The best way to defend against this tactic is to have a professional evaluation by a Microbial Consultant (like myself) or an Industrial Hygienist as these top credentialed persons are the best to use to inspect and give a proper evaluation of your home relating to mold. In addition, if you have already reported a potential mold or leak issue to your landlord and nothing, or not enough, has been done to correct the situation, then you can take the Expense of the Inspection and Testing you pay for off of your rent (assuming mold/moisture issues are found). A good defense in these situations is knowing your tenant rights which are talked about in the videos on my website.

Steve Mullins (i.e. mold detector)
CMC, Certified Microbial Consultant
Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

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