Nov 7, 2022

Not feeling well?

Many people will start feeling not so good once a leak or water intrusion starts in a home. Why is that? Because mold starts to grow in 1-2 days after getting a water source and dangerous bacteria start growing in 3-5 days after getting a water source. So, these both grow alongside each other and will start affecting our health in various ways. The longer these grow the worse it gets.

At first, we may just think we have a ‘bug’ or a ‘cold’ of some type. But then it persists or we may feel better after leaving our home for a few hours and then start feeling ‘less good’ after getting back home. This is sometimes referred to as SBS or sick building syndrome where microbial growth (bacteria and mold for example) is usually involved in the home somewhere.

The dangerous bacteria referred to produce what are called endotoxins which are part of the cell membranes. When these die the membrane breaks apart distributing the endotoxins further. Many molds produce ‘mycotoxins’ which can also affect our health and are often on the outside of ‘mold spores’. The higher number of mold spores present the more we breathe in and the more our health can be affected.

So, If this sounds like your situation, have a professional inspect your home for potential moisture and mold issues. Usually, a CMC, Certified Microbial Consultant, or CIH, Certified Industrial Hygienist, have the best credentials to find and address these issues.

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