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Best Professional Mold Testing and Sampling in San Clemente, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Foothill Ranch, and all or Orange County and surrounding areas.

Does your house have mold? Do you suspect your house has some mold in it, but you want to be absolutely certain? Perhaps you have a business in Laguna Beach (where moisture is in no short supply), and you want to bring in an environmental consultant to do some mold testing and sampling, just to be on the safe side? Well you are in luck, because that is exactly what we do here at Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

We are an environmental consulting and reconstruction company operating in and around the Orange County area including San Clemente, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Foothill Ranch, and many more areas, and we have the knowledge and experience you would want from a mold specialist, to give you the results you need. We are one of the top mold specialists in the region, and we can give you the right information in a timely and professional manner. Don’t settle for second best, not when it comes to mold in your home or business, get Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc and you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best service in San Clemente, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Foothill Ranch and the whole Orange County area.

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Here at Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc, we pride ourselves on our precision and accuracy, while maintaining a quick and efficient approach to each task. For a lot of companies, doing a quick job usually means skipping steps. For Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc however, we get the job done in a timely manner, without having to sacrifice any of the quality we have become so well known for. We provide high quality mold testing and sampling services, and we deliver results.

So if you are looking for a great mold specialist in or around the Laguna Beach area, to provide you quality mold testing and sampling, you don’t need to look any further than Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc. Give us a call today if you would like to get more information about the services we provide — we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.​

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