May 13, 2024

Landlord Retaliation?

A landlord can retaliate for a number of reasons, most if not all are illegal. For example: if you report a water damage or mold issue that they need to fix some landlords may tell you to move. Or after fixing it they may raise the rent to help pay for the repairs. Both of these scenarios are considered ‘Retaliation’ and are illegal in California. Any harassment or verbal abuse is considered illegal as well.

I learned from a recent inspection that the landlord of the previous tenants threatened them with a lawsuit if they revealed the mold inspection report they had paid for to anyone or a future tenant. That of course is retaliation and illegal since by law the landlord has to disclose even ‘suspected mold’ to a prospective tenant not to mention an actual Mold Inspection Report that tells of a mold issue on the property. These are just a few examples of possible Landlord Retaliation which is illegal in California.

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