Nov 22, 2022

Is It Wet?

Many times, a leak is suspected especially if you notice a musty type smell in the air in a particular area of the home.  If you notice that then it is time to have the area(s) or even the whole home inspected for potential moisture.  Some people buy a moisture meter to use to find moisture.  The basic ‘pin moisture meter’ can be used if you don’t mind putting small holes in the wall or other places which you can get for about $30 or so. But these are not as useful as a ’noninvasive’ meter which can detect moisture at ¾ of an inch into the material without causing damage and cost several hundred dollars for in most cases.  Additionally, a person needs to know how to measure and interpret what material is being measured as wood, drywall and tile can be different.

After knowing this it is really better to have a professional CMC (like myself) or CIH (hygienist) inspect your home for this and do a proper evaluation.  Remember, if it is wet, or elevated moisture then mold and dangerous bacteria will be growing.  Remember mold starts to grow in 1-2 days and bacteria in 3-5 days and you don’t see it but can start to notice the odors.  The longer it is wet the more dangerous bacteria and mold will grow and affect your health. 

Try to check it promptly to protect yourself and family.


Steve Mullins  (i.e. mold detector)

CMC, Certified Microbial Consultant 

Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

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