Sep 3, 2017

Insist on Clearance Inspections When Remediation is Complete..Before repairs.

What are Clearance Inspections? These are inspections done to ensure the work just completed, such as a mold remediation or category 3 water mitigation, has been done properly and the area is free of mold and/or the bad bacteria associated with category 3 water. (Category 3 water is water from any drain because of the bad bacteria and other contaminants that are present. I will use the phrase ‘toilet water’ when talking to clients to put it in proper perspective.)

​When a mold remediation is performed sometimes a company (or its technicians) can get lax in following proper protocol when performing work. If a company knows you are not going to get a Clearance Inspection they may well not perform the work as well as it could or should be done. I have performed recent Post Mold Remediation Clearance Inspections where the company knew this inspection was taking place and it still failed inspection due to some missed preparation on their part.

​Both types of inspections will involve verifying the areas are dry, visually acceptable and various types of samples are taken to ensure the bacteria is gone and/or the mold spore levels are within industry guidelines. A written report is prepared of the inspection documenting all related items and giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down. So help keep your family safe and have these Clearance Inspections performed.

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