May 10, 2019

Helpful Tips on Mold!

Here are a few tips to help minimize mold growth in your home and how to address some of that issue.

1. Maintain regular house hygiene.
2. Promptly address any spills or leaks. The longer water sits or is present the longer mold will grow. Remember that mold starts growing about 24 hours after getting a water source.
3. Get at least one (if not several) air cleaning machines equipped with a hepa filter. The key is ‘hepa’ filter as this is what will remove up to 99.97% of air contaminants including mold spores. This can make a big difference in air quality in the home. There are many brands out there and with extra bells and whistles if you can afford them. A basic model can be purchased for a $100 or possibly less.
4. If one suspects moisture being present or recently experienced a leak then have the area(s) inspected as soon as possible by a professional such as My Company and follow the recommendations provided.
5. If a person is experiencing adverse health symptoms and want to rule out mold or confirm it consider having air quality and other samples taken. These can provide valuable information on what the family is being exposed to. The lab report can be taken to your doctor who can test to see if the molds found are affecting a person.
6. Keep in mind it is normally best to have an inspection done for potential moisture or mold issues in the home in conjunction with mold sampling/testing. The reason is this. The mold sampling/testing can provide information as to whether there is excess mold in the home. However, the samples cannot tell why there is excess mold in the home. The inspection can help determine why this is the case and also provide how to address the issue(s) found.

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