Mar 24, 2020

Health and Safety First!!!

It is important to maintain good Hygiene Habits but especially with the current global pandemic that everyone is focused on. That being said being more diligent about our personal and House Hygiene can help prevent other dangers to our Health and Safety.

Part of this diligence is regularly checking the various workings of our home such as faucets, drains, water pressure and potential leaks. The reason for this is Very Important for Our overall Health and Safety.

This is because leaks or other moisture issues that develop in our home without our knowledge can quickly develop into a Health Hazard that can compromise our health and make us even more vulnerable to COVID-19.
In a recent post I talked about how water in the home left untreated (like a leak or water intrusion) can start growing bacteria in 3 to 5 days and is also considered a Health Hazard per the CDC in Atlanta. Another few days after that (another 3 to 5 or more) can develop into ‘Black’ water which has more dangerous bacteria which is an even Higher Health Hazard.

So while many are now at home why not take the time to check out your home to make sure there are not potential moisture or mold issues. If you are not sure or suspect some then by all means contact me so I can asist.

Good Health to you!

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