Jun 15, 2017

Don’t Take Their Word For It!

Many times when a person discovers a leak in their home and a plumber will come out and repair the problem. In the process a wall is often opened up to repair the leaky pipe. The owner may then ask the plumber, ‘did you see any mold?’ or ‘should we do anything else?’. And many time the plumber may say ‘I did not see any mold’ or ‘just let it dry for a couple of days and it will be fine’ leaving the interior of the wall exposed. This situation is not a good one.

​Let me explain. When a leak occurs by the time the owner notices the problem likely a significant amount of building materials have gotten wet such as drywall, wood sill plates, wood studs, baseboard and so on. However, this not always noticed by the naked eye and wetness or moisture will likely be present for days if not weeks and months to come and mold will start growing (within about a day or so) if the area is not dried quickly with the right equipment.

​Keep this in mind; 
most plumbers as well as Handy Men (and just about all other tradesmen) have not been trained or certified in water mitigation (or water damage) and mold remediation (normally referred to as applied microbial remediation) which also includes category 3 water (that is water from a drain or ‘toilet’) also called ‘black water’. As a result cannot properly advise you of what you should do. Some plumbers, though, have learned from water mitigation companies a thing or two and some even carry a moisture meter so they can at least advise the owner to take additional action. Many even refer a water mitigation company that they network with.
​The point I am wanting to make is that you need a professional who has been trained to be able to assess the area in question after discovering a leak and can properly advise you. Of course, that is what I, or my company, does.

You want someone who will put in writing what needs to be done, if anything, so you and your family are protected health wise and property wise.

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