Mar 13, 2023

Concrete with High Moisture Content

Most people don’t realize and many restoration companies ignore the high moisture content in concrete slabs after a flood or leak.  What can happen after installing new flooring or cabinets on concrete with high moisture content is that the water vapor from the concrete can condense under the new flooring and the cabinet supports can absorb this moisture and mold starts to grow along with the bad bacteria.

It is important for you, the consumer, to ask the restoration company to address the issue.  This is the way to address the issue.  A particular sealer for concrete helps remove excess moisture and seal the concrete in about 24 hours.  This will help stop mold from growing by removing the excess moisture. It is called Cretoseal. Here is the link below.,the%20minerals%20in%20the%20slab

Steve Mullins (i.e. Mold Detector)

CMC, Certified Microbial Consultant

Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

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