Mar 4, 2024

Are You experiencing Symptoms?

Some of my clients tell me that their doctor recommended getting a mold inspection after eliminating other causes of their adverse health symptoms.  The reason is that mold under California law is defined as “microorganisms or fungi” which means all living matter at the microscopic level. Or basically mold and bacteria since these are microscopic at the start.

What happens is that mold/bacteria start growing in the first few days after getting a water source and after about a week the moisture that is present degrades into what is called Category 3 water which is the same category when you flush your toilet.  That is how potentially dangerous moisture staying in a house somewhere is. The bacteria especially are dangerous as they produce what are called endotoxins that are potentially fatal to a person. And in the process can make a person very sick in various ways and seriously so.

So if you are experiencing some adverse health symptoms which may start out as allergy-like symptoms and can get worse then get a ‘Mold Inspection’ done which is to primarily look for hidden moisture with the correct equipment.  If elevated moisture is found in one or more areas of your home then you definitely have mold and bacteria growing that you are breathing to one degree or another. This inspection will identify problem areas of your home and then tell how to address these issues. Stay safe.

Steve Mullins  (i.e. Mold Detector)
CMC, Certified Microbial Consultant
Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.


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