Jan 9, 2024

AQMD and Property Rentals

Some property owners try to save money in many ways. At least one way is to not follow State regulations on removing asbestos containing drywall. For example, one Mold Inspection I did involved the need to remove apparent asbestos containing drywall and related materials due to moisture saturating several areas of this home. The owner ignored the law and had ‘workers’ remove drywall and other materials around a HVAC unit in the bottom floor of a condominium that had experienced water leaks from this for a time. California law requires that certified companies remove asbestos containing materials which follow state/industry approved procedures to keep occupants safe. This was done while occupants were still present.

The tenant, my client, consulted with me about this and I informed her she can call the AQMD (air quality management district) which monitors and regulates these activities. An AQMD official came out inspected the area interviewed people and basically wrote a ‘ticket’ to the property owner which involves a fine for illegally removing asbestos containing materials.

The tenant now has grounds to sue the owner for being exposed to asbestos in addition to the mold that was found on the property.

Steve Mullins (i.e. Mold Detector)
Certified Microbial Consultant, CMC
Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

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