Nov 9, 2023

A Disturbing Trend!

In the last 6 months or so I have noticed a disturbing trend. In this industry, you have companies that do the water mitigation (dry out) and mold remediation (mold removal) and those like myself that inspect properties before and after water damage giving the best direction on what should be done to provide a safe home. Water damage companies are used by landlords to inspect or attempt to verify if moisture or mold situations exist. However, there appears to be some corruption in some companies and landlords.

This should not be surprising since every industry will have the good, bad and in-between as far as integrity and quality of work. The disturbing trend I am mentioning here is that some restoration companies are being used by landlords to ‘say they did not find moisture or evidence of mold’ after my inspection report is sent to them by the tenant with pictures plainly showing where the moisture is and how much moisture is present. Much of this apparently is intentional with these companies actually falsifying their statements trying to shield the landlord.

This is important for the average tenant to know since California law does not require landlords to disclose what their vendors find in relation to moisture or mold unless they are subpoenaed incourt for this. Basically, the landlord can say anything they want and outright lie to the tenant until they are proven wrong by an inspector such as myself. Therefore, it is important to get an objective inspection for potential moisture and mold issues from a certified expert such as a Microbial Consultant, like myself, or an Industrial Hygienist.

Steve Mullins (i.e. Mold Detector)
Certified Microbial Consultant, CMC
Moisture and Mold Detection, Inc.

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